I saw some of my dear friends Kate and Josh this weekend. I forget how much I miss some of my old friends until I see them. Josh, Kate and I have a way of talking about things and thinking about things that I don’t have with other friends. It’s probably a combination of having been through medical school together but also all having been athletes (Josh having competed at the highest level of the three of us). The course of our 3 hours of socializing brought a few related ideas to the surface of my mind. For clarity I’ll break them apart into two seperate sub-sections:

The approximate quote from Josh: “Rowing was good for de-*&%^ification.” The word there being another word used for a cat. I’ll use the word *sissy* from now on for what Josh was refering to when he was quoting another of his friends related to the benefits of having been a rower. I am however thinking of that other word every time I use it. Josh competed as a rower at a very high collegiate level, having been teammates with Olypiads and having competed in national level competitions. He is not a *sissy* for many reasons but rowing certainly didn’t hurt. It made me again think of what *sissies* most Americans are. I can’t tell you how often people’s excuses for various things I’m advising them on could be tranlsated as “I”m a *sissy*” (if they could only realize what it was they were actually saying).

A few brief examples: 1) “Health food is to expensive” in response to my advice to eat less food. I’ll go on to argue with them that making a whole wheat sandwhich at home is the same or less money then a fast food meal and they’ll look at me like I have 4 arms. What they really meant was “I’m a *sissy* and fast food is easy, tastes good, and I’d rather watch tv after eating in the car on the way home then have to “make a sandwhich” when I get home.” 2) “I get to hungry (insert other adjective like “weak”, “dizzy”, “low blood sugar”, etc) when I try to diet.” when I advise people to try to lose weight. Again could be translated as “I’m a *sissy* and I’m incapable of tolerating any mild discomfort other then being stuffed from over eating or being constipated from my terrible diet. “Oh…and I’ll probably come see you for medicaiton about my reflux or constipation which is brought on directly from eating to much”.

This American diffuse and pervasive *sissiness* could be cured by giving PE teachers the green light to actually push kids in gym class again. Now most schools don’t even have PE and you certainly couldn’t push a kid to their limit, in fact the 1 mile “run” is school is actually a “let the obese teens walk”. Or make all teens work for a summer on a farm. Let a farmer be their parent for a summer, *sissiness* reduced by 50% in 3 months guaranteed. Manditory 2 years of service in the National Guard after high school? Most kids need boot camp, the problem is that they need to be de-*sissyfied* before their 18. Many kids are obese before they are teens now. The wide availability of food, the sendatary life styles of their parents, and kids are often way behind before puberty hits.

Pain Tolerance
The second related idea is this: people who tell you (as a physician) that they have a high pain tolerance: probably do not. I’d say that 9/10 times that someone tells me “I have a high pain tolerance” it probably means a) I have a low pain tolerance and a moderate injury that most people wouldn’t need pain medication for or b) I’m a pain medicaion seeker/abuser/addict/salesman and I don’t really even have an injury. With that said I had been smuggly thinking in my own mind “I have a pretty high pain tolerance” though I would never say it outloud because of the above required translation.

I took only 6 of my opioid pain medications after my surgery on Monday. I was getting around petty well and felt I had recovered quickly enough that I was thinking I was pretty tough. Then I saw Kate yesterday and realized I’m closer to being a *sissy* then actually having a high pain tolerance.

She had a similar procedure surgery to my laprascopic appendectomy and took NO pain medication. She also was back to work 5 days after her surgery (which was yesterday for me and I was still moving pretty stiff). I do feel loads better today, bordering on normal at times, but I’m sure glad that I don’t have to go to work for another two days still. There’s always somone tougher then you. Being smug usually ends with you looking a fool.
Proverbs 14:22-24
22 Do not those who plot evil go astray?
But those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness.
23 All hard work brings a profit,
but mere talk leads only to poverty.
24 The wealth of the wise is their crown,
but the folly of fools yields folly.

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