A Return

I return to blogging because of my cat.  More specifically how inscrutable I must be to my cat.  I currently have 4 cats.  Probably more because I’m certainly feeding more than 4, but I currently am able to pet 4 and had 4 of them neutered.  My favorite (don’t tell the others) is Zelda.  A dark furred, mysterious, somewhat aloof, but very loving cat.  A born hunter.  She walks like a chetea. My favorite is when I see her in the field to the south hunting.  I was leaving the other morning and she was on the front porch sitting next to a medium sized gallbladder (a tithe?) and I got to thinking about how very inscrutable I must seem to her.  I often sweep out of the house, pet her for 20 seconds because I’m already running late for work, and climb into that Big Noisemaker and speed away. 

Matthew 18:2-4 suggests we are to be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven.  I see children daily in my practice, but I think until I have my own child I’ll have trouble really understanding that. I do think though that at times God is to us what I must be to my cat.  So Other, so inscrutable, that our minds fail to understand at all.  Yet at the same time God is  Emmanual [Emmanuel or Imanu’el (Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל “God [is] with us”].   Though my cat cannot understand my ways, she’s often waiting for me on the front porch with her gallbladder.  Not trying to take the analogy to far and compare myself to Jesus, but more the opposite.  I need to have the faith of my cat.  With my first child due June 1st, I can look forward to learning more about God through her eyes.   That and working toward being a loving father as I know I have in God the Father.

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